VIP technologies is a leading edge company located in Connecticut that takes your personal security very seriously. We have been in the security and video business for over 10 years and have found the best products at the best prices to fit any budget or application. We work with industry leading camera and DVR manufactuers such as Sony, Axis, APC, Netbotz and Luxor to bring you the quality you expect for your money. We have the best service in the industry with available 24x7 telephone support, lifetime product support, on site support and a very knowledgable staff certified in the latest CCTV technologies.

There are many security and alarm companies out there that will give you basic alarm service with monthly fees VIP Technologies goes beyond that. We give you insight into your home or business while you are away, or even the ability to check any of your cameras while youre home!

While there are no mothly fees required with any of our packages or installs, there are optional fees
for maintenance and monitoring which can be seen on the Services page.

Why a personal video security system? There are many reasons to choose a personal video security system. First and foremost is safety and peace of mind. Almost every home and business has broadband such as DSL and cable internet service. Why not make it work for you? With our security systems, you can not only have 24x7 home or business monitoring, but the ability to remote view your cameras from any place on the internet.

With all the news lately about personal safety, there is no better time to start protecting your family and property. In March of 2008, Hartford CT is *requiring* all convenience stores and gas stations to have video surveillance systems installed if they want to be open after 11:00 pm. Why lose business by closing early, the cost of a professional DVR installation will quickly be offset!

Who can benefit?Anybody who is a property or business owner, or if you have
to check in on a family member or elderly person from time to time.


  • Being at work and checking in on your house while contractors are working
  • Checking in on your kids when they get home from school
  • Making sure your elderly parents are OK just by turning on your computer
  • Keeping an eye on your babysitter when youre not home
  • Recording ALL activities within a business or cash register and be able to remotely watch your employees from home
  • Monitoring your vacation home when youre gone for months on end, including environmentals such as temperature, water leaks, noise etc
  • Imagine hearing a noise in the middle of the night and instantly getting a view of
    every inch of your home and property just by turning on the monitor
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