Available in 4 | 8 | 16 Camera Configurations
This professional series 16 channel DVR is as easy to use as a VCR and offers advanced features like Anti-pixelation TechnologyTM, CMS (Central Management Software), password protection, Jog Shuttle for easy Rev/ FF, 2x digital zoom, JPEG2000 compression, auto detect hard drive, search multi-channels, 8 and 16-channel operation, real-time display, virus protection, etc.

This security surveillance system is a highly efficient surveillance device that can record activities of employees in offices, students in schools, shoplifters in stores, and other intruders. You can record up to 480 FPS recording and view live real time video. It can record, play and allows viewing the Internet -- all three at the same time. This system can easily freeze, zoom, and see picture in picture, sequence, or full display options for better analysis of recorded images. It also allows you to control P/T/Z camera by pre-assigned buttons. There is a DVD burner for backup archiving or prosecution evidence. It's reliable operating system which makes it reliable and free from the threat of viruses and hackers.


  • Professional series 8 and 16 Channel DVR
  • Anti-Pixelation TechnologyTM for high quality recorded image
  • H.264 for highest quality internet streaming
  • Optical mouse and remote control included
  • DVD drive backup and VGA card included
  • CMS (Central Management Software)
  • Jog Shuttle for easy Rev/ FF
  • Up to 480 FPS recording for smooth playback
  • One year warranty


  • Anti-pixelation TechnologyTM for an ultra crisp recorded playback
  • JPEG2000 compression for the best playback quality in the industry
  • Simple to use just like a VCR
  • Very reliable embedded operating system (Not prone to virus or hacking like PC-based DVR)
  • No tapes to change or manage and digital recorded video never degrade
  • Search video playback quickly and easily by time/date, event list, or percentage
  • Up to 480 FPS recording
  • Live Real time viewing for smooth video
  • Triplex (Recording, playback, and internet viewing simultaneously)
  • Remote network monitoring via the internet
  • BNC/ RCA output to any TV monitor (VGA output is optional)
  • USB port for firmware upgrade
  • Motion Activated, Scheduled, or Continuous recording setting
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized tampering
  • DVD burner for backup archiving or prosecution evidence
  • 2x digital zoom for live or recorded playback viewing
  • Two hard drives bay with one removable
  • Freeze/ Zoom/ Picture in Picture/ Sequence/ Full display options
  • Remote control and Jog Shuttle control for easy rewind, fast forward, or control
  • Easy P/T/Z camera control by pre-assigned buttons
  • FREE DNS server for remote view (Stop paying your ISP up to $60 per month for a static IP address)
  • FREE LIFETIME technical support
  • One Year Warranty

Multiplex Function:

Compression Rate:

Record Speed:
Live Viewing Screen:

Motion Detection:

PTZ Control:
Firmware Upgrade:
Power Requirment:

Triplex (Record/Playback/Internet view)
Two HDD bay with no limitation capacity
DVD burner, IP download, or connect to a VCR
Input: 8 channel
Output: 2 Ch (Monitor/ VCA), 8 ch loop
VGA to a computer monitor
Basic: 12 KB (720x240 NTSC)
Normal: 16 KB (720x240 NTSC)
Enhanced: 20 KB (720x240 NTSC)
Fine: 24 KB (720x240 NTSC)
Super Fine: 28 KB (720x240 NTSC)
Motion Activated, Continuous, Schedule
Up to 480 fps
English, Spanish, German, Italy, France
1~8 screen, PIP, Freeze,
2x Digital Zoom, Sequence
240 FPS live viewing
4 ch input, one output (NO/NC)
Screen masking and sensitivity setting
Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Remote Viewer software included
RS-485, Key control(Key assigned)
USB port or CD-R
DC 12V 10A Power supply (included)
22 Pounds
17"(W) x 16"(L) x 3.5"(H)

Available with 250GB, 500GB or 1TB Drives

For pricing specific to your application please contact us for a personalized quote.

Do it yourself configurations are also available. Kits include all cameras, mounting hardware cables, power supplies etc, everything you need to be up and running in no time! You can also customize your configuration with different cameras, please contact us for a personalized quote.

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