Custom Installs:
There is no such thing as an install that isnt custom. Each premises has different issues and challenges, and each owner has different requirements. Each install is treated as a separate project and not 'cookie cutter'. Our entire team is trained in the industry, familiar with the equipment, and respectful of your privacy and property. All of our installers are available around your schedule, including nights and weekends. We realize that many people have vacation homes in other states or even other countries, and we are available for these installations as well.

At VIP Tech, we would be more than happy to consult for design and installations, even if you bought your hardware somewhere else. Or if you need part of a project done, such as running cables, firewall changes, or coordinating efforts with vendors or ISP's. We can help with camera and lens choices, locations and types of cameras. Please see our Contact page to get a personalized quote.

While there is no monthly fee required for any of our custom installs, we do offer additional, optional services for extra peace of mind. Depending on the hardware you purchase, we can offer 24x7 monitoring of your premises of motion, temperature fluctuations, sound, water leaks, humidty, almost anything you might need. You no longer have to worry about pipes breaking because of the cold, or your sensitive equipment failing due to air conditioner malfunctions. Once the service has been set up, we can call any number of people on your "Call list", including relatives, neighbors, police, fire, oil company, plumber etc. Maintenance: Need updates to your security system? If you buy your hardware from us, you have lifetime support. When major upgrades come out, we will supply you with this upgrade, and optionally do the install for you on site for a nominal charge. We also offer monthly maintenance programs, starting at just $10/month (Not required!) that will give 24x7 support for all contract holders.

Optional Maintenance Fees:

  • Silver: For $10/month you get direct access to a tech support person, which will be the person who did your initial install (if possible). Access will be 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. While you can call and leave a message outside these hours, call backs are not guaranteed.
  • Gold: For $20/month you get all of the above, but 7x24 access and a guaranteed 6 hour call back time. We will do our best to resolve any issue over the phone at any time, and if a technician is needed to go on site, regular rates will apply.
  • Platinum: The platinum package is $30/month which gives contract holders all that the Gold package offers, plus a guaranteed 4 hour response time, and 25% off on site labor fees.

Optional Monitoring Fees:

  • Weekday: The $15/month "Weekday Package" will provide 9am to 5pm monitoring of your premises for any of the standard criteria, such as motion detect, water or temperature. This is dependant on what hardware is purchased, it must support these items.
  • Extended: For $30/month, the "Extended Package" will provide 7x24 monitoring of your premises for any of the standard criteria. We can also contact people on your Call List as needed and arrange for entry or emergency maintenance to your home or business.

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